The Good Hand of God !

The Scribe Ezra in the Bible often talks about the “ Hand of God” leading him in his life. Ezra was a devout man who loved God and sought Him at all points of his life. We read that Ezra was constantly conscious of God and sought His Hand as a child might often look for his parent’s hand.

The reason Ezra was a discerner of God’s Hand  is given plainly in the Scriptures. He set his heart to study, practice and teach the Word of God.

The closer we are to God , the more we crave His Intimacy. If Ezra experienced such intimacy in the Old Testament before the new Covenant, how much more can His children experience the beauty of fellowship in the New Testament ? Do I seek the Lord’s Hand in all that I do ? As we read Ezra Chapters 7-10 we begin to understand how Ezra walked with this conscious ever present realization of God 24/7.

The Lord Jesus had said that we must become like little children. and have their simple faith. This simple faith is in the simplicity of our relationship with Jesus . He alone can transform the complexities of our daily survival into tranquil simplicity.

May the Lord open our eyes to have the eyes of a lost child desperately yearning for his mom or dad’s hand to navigate the storms of life. The more I study His Word and drink of His Spirit in His Presence, the more I’m transformed by Him. I’ll begin to look for His Hand in all things I do and see. And Ill reach the conclusion that I cannot survive without His Hand leading , guiding , nurturing &  protecting me always .

Let us have this child like attitude with Jesus who alone gave His Life on the Cross and bore the curse for our sin that we may live ! Jesus is King and our Good Shepherd. Let us hold His Hand tight and never let go, like Ezra !! Amen

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