The Enemy’s Agenda is to cut you off from the Source. Once he accomplishes that you will be weak and powerless. You can then be easily overwhelmed by the daily struggles and trials of life. Samson meddled with this world and his Anointing ( Hair ) was cut off. That source of Holiness, Righteousness through the Ever Increasing Holy Spirit was deemed to be the scourge of the Enemy. Therefore by tempting with lusts of the Flesh, Samson could easily neglect the Anointing( Holy SPirit). Once the hair was cut Samson had no clue. He thought he was strong but was weak. His Strength was none other than God. And now his self confidence left him. He thought he could play with the Flesh and Spirit. However the Lord is a Jealous God and He demands and desires the 1 Throne in your heart. If you are wishy washy, wavering and on the fence between flesh and spirit, be cautious. YIELD YOURSELF TO THE EVER INCREASING PERSONA OF THE HOLY SPIRIT INSIDE YOU. LET HIS PEACE AND POWER SUBDUE YOU SO THAT YOU HAVE ROOM FOR NONE OTHER.

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