John 2: 17 states that “Zeal for God’s house will consume me or eat me up ” The passage is talking of Jesus and His fierce jealousy for the things of God. We must ask ourselves if we have that kind of zeal. Are we on fire consumed with a desire for God’s will to be done ? Is my body the Temple of the Holy Spirit? If so , do I vehemently desire to replace the Mundane with the Divine? Do I thirst for the deep things of the Father and yearn for His passionate agendas to be accomplished?

It’s not through logic or sight but by His Spirit who inflames a fire, who kindles a spark for the radical and the revolutionary. We know how lusts of our flesh and body eats us up to our misfortune and ruin. In lieu of lust, let there be a zeal , a fervency for seeing His Temple a clean dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. Let Him be respected and adored in His temple.

Let there be “Holiness” in His Temple as Zech 14:20,21 states that every pot and mundane things in the house of the Lord will be inscribed with the inscription  – that was on the High Priest’s Turban – HOLINESS TO THE LORD  !! Let every nook and crevice of our minds and hearts be inscribed with His Trademark of Holiness ! May there be a radical spirit zealous to see the Father’s heart fulfilled in our existence. Let God alone be glorified as we cleanse His Temple from all rot and impurity !

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