We all have an independent streak which keeps us from enjoying the fullness of God’s fellowship. That inclination of the heart is the reason we miss out on God’s best in our lives.

We often take wrong turns without consulting the Lord, ignoring the nudgings of the Holy Spirit. We take matters into our own hands while dealing with life and its difficulties, attempting to solve dilemmas with pure logic.

We forget that a Christian life is a life of faith and not sight. As the week of Feast of Tabernacles ended September 27, 2021, we must see what the Lord was teaching us during Sukkoth. Its on the last day of this feast that Jesus said ,” If any thirsts let him come to me and drink”

To come to Him and drink is to abide in Him and have fellowship with Him. Its to drink deep of His Spirit and not live for myself alone.  ( 2 Cor 5 : 15 ) And He died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died for them and was raised again. 

Let us drink of Him , let the world not satisfy our thirst with “soda ” instead lets get ready to open our mouth wide and be filled with his living water which inturn becomes  in us  fountain of Living waters from heaven . We need His Spirit always and are often so blinded to the need of His Wisdom, Power and strength. We do things on our own and end up sad, desperate  and miserable not sensing our thirst for His Spirit.

As the Bride of Christ, how long will we keep drinking of the broken cisterns of our own minds and reason, how long will we continue  forsake the Living waters not knowing that His Water of Life is our daily strength, quenching our thirst continually. Jesus died on a Cross for this reason that sinners like us  might have joy and happiness in Him alone regardless of our circumstances. May the Spirit urge and motivate us to drink of Him deeply.  Amen.

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