The Spirit of the Lord constrains our soul to lean in closer in order to touch that Glorious Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is the Sole Realm of Power & Domain of Peace. He is drawing you nearer to the Lamb who was slain and is now Alive forevermore. Jesus Christ, the Son of God stands in unparalleled might, the One who has no Equal. And my soul hears His voice to return back to my First Love. I weep as I admit how other lesser love(s) have replaced His First Love. I tell Him to Replace All that has replaced You. For He is All Glorious. Amen. He is the Perfection of all that I crave for, He is what I really have been looking for. Every other person or thing that has been my obsession were just northern stars showing me my depravity. They echoed a long lost wish to finally come face to face with the One whom I ve been searching for. Now my soul must sing for it has kissed the ¬†nail pierced Feet of Him who has loved me. O LORD ¬†apart from You I’m always undone & incomplete. Be my All in All. Complete Me, Finish this unfinished me. Your Name be Praised forever more.

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