Mayflies also called as ‘one-day insects’ because of their shortest life span. In fact, some members of mayfly family die within few hours.
If we consider a day as our life span how would we do things differently? If I were a Mayfly how would I prioritize my time?
We trade the Eternal for the Temporal. We often  spend time doing things that have no real / profound value.
We can easily spend hours binge watching TV shows, watching Tik Tok videos and endlessly scrolling through Instagram/FB posts. However are we prepared to exit this life knowing that “TIME” is a valuable commodity and is not forever? With COVID cutting short thousands of lives, are we ready to meet our Maker? For God created us in His Image with a Unique purpose and the devil easily distracts us from our primary mission and keeps us from fulfilling our destiny.
Let us therefore be wise and aware of the schemes of the evil one and be drawn away by the desires of our Lord JESUS who loved us to give His Own life for us on the Cross. He alone paid for our sins with a punishment which we could never bear so that we could go to Heaven if we believe in His Finished Work on the Cross.
If I were a Mayfly, what would I do with my 24 hours?
Let us ask the Lord to help us redeem the time and salvage the remainder of our allotted time span each of us are appointed on the Earth inorder to give a proper account of our lives for His Glory !!

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